Services for People with Disabilities

Questions regarding services for people with disabilities should be sent to


The Country 500 festival is accessible.  You will not need to purchase a specific ADA ticket for entrance into the festival.  In order to access the festival, you will need to purchase a General Admission or VIP ticket and accommodations will be made on site.  You can purchase tickets to the Country 500 here.


ADA parking is available for purchase (in advance or at the gate). Check here for details. An authorized state-issued sticker, placard or license plate is required to park in designated accessible areas and the person who the pass is issued to must be in the vehicle.  Law Enforcement Officers will perform checks to ensure that this person is present in the vehicle.  Violation may result in confiscation of placard.  Parking is limited and will be on a first-come basis.


ADA van transportation will be provided from LOT 1 ADA parking lot to the 500 Field ADA plaza.  During peak times, guests should expect delays and use of these shuttles is restricted to the disabled guest and one companion so that we may assist everyone. There is also a tram for West Lot campers to the Lot 6 parking area to enter the Festival through Gate 55.

For the safety of all guests, disability assistance shuttles may not be operational immediately following the conclusion of the event due to a high volume of pedestrian traffic. The festival will determine when conditions are safe to resume operations.


Country 500 offers a full-range of camping opportunities for virtually any budget.  Just as it is for the great races at the Speedway, Country 500 will allow fans to actually camp out in the infield, literally inside the festival.  To access the festival from these camping areas may require traveling some distance on the paved roadways and transportation in the infield will not be provided. There will be paved pathways to flow from the campground into the festival.


The Access Center is located on the infield adjacent to the ADA shuttle plaza. Please see map for specific location.
Hours: 2PM-11:30PM Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
Stop by the Access Center upon arrival for:

  • ADA wristband for viewing platforms & Shuttle service
  • Maps of viewing areas and portable toilets
  • Combination for locked, clean ADA portable toilets
  • View ASL interpreting schedule
  • Braille and Large Print program guides
  • Recorded program information
  • Assistive Listening Devices available for check out, a valid ID is required as a deposit.
  • Shuttle info & schedules
  • Request services


The festival is outdoors and will take place on the infield of the Speedway.  All the grounds are accessible; however the Country 500 Stage, Bluebird Theater and camping areas are far apart.  The terrain is a mixture of grass and asphalt.  Please be aware that some of the festival will take place on the grassy areas.

Wheelchairs, medical scooters and electric convenience vehicles (ECV) are permitted.  For safety reasons, requests to use other power-driven mobility devices will be reviewed on a case by case basis.  Please email for more information.  Keep in mind that because of the large crowds and children at the Speedway, fast, large or heavy mobility devices are not appropriate for use within the concert grounds.  The Country 500 Festival is unable to provide personal care or push services.  Please bring an attendant if needed.


The festival does not rent or provide wheelchairs or scooters.  Below is contact information for some local equipment rental companies who might be able to assist you:

America’s Mobility Solutions
1873 N. Nova Road (which is East and slightly North of track)
Holly Hill, FL

Volusia Medical Supply
591 Beville Road (which is South of the Track)
Daytona Beach, FL

Taffi Medical Equipment
795 Fentress Blvd, Suite H
(Fentress Blvd is directly across the street from the Chevrolet Injector)
Daytona Beach, FL
386-238-1060 or 366-255-3785


The festival will have reserved viewing areas at the Country 500 Stage and in the Bluebird Theater for guests who use wheelchairs or have significant mobility disabilities. An Accessibility wristband will be required to gain entry, and can be obtained at the Access Center (please refer to map for location). Viewing areas are reserved for people with Accessibility wristband and one companion.  These areas are reserved for anyone who uses wheelchairs, scooter or other approved mobility devices.  Please direct questions regarding companion policies to

Country 500 Stage – a covered, raised viewing platform is available. Space is limited and Festival staff cannot save or reserve seats or areas on the platform.  The platform can often get very crowded, or fill up, during the most popular artists.  In order to keep the platform at a safe capacity, patrons may be asked to wait close by in the overflow area and staff will allow entry if, and when, space becomes available. The accessible platform is non-smoking.

The Bluebird Theater – has reserved wheelchair spaces placed throughout the audience, with a seat adjacent to the space for one companion. A viewing area with a reinforced surface and a clear line of site to the stage will also be available.
Ushers will be available to assist as needed.
Seating is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis and are for:

  • Individuals who use wheelchairs
  • Individuals with disabilities who are ambulatory, but use mobile devices such as walkers or crutches
  • Individuals who are ambulatory, but who are unable to stand during performances
  • This limited reserved seating area is not for those with slight injuries
  • Any person who attempts to use the accessible seating areas fraudulently or who attempts to help others do so will be removed from the seating area
  • An Accessibility wristband is required to access these viewing areas. The wristband will provide access for you and one companion.  Accessibility wristbands will be issued at the Access Center, and shuttle locations.
  • Due to limited space, only one companion will be allowed
  • Please check the event website for the map with these locations marked.


Wheelchair-accessible portable toilets are located around the concert grounds.  Some of the Accessible toilets will be locked with a combination lock to ensure that clean toilets are available for people with mobility disabilities.  Additional Accessible toilets will be located at the end of each toilet bank and will not be locked.

A map of locations and the combination to the locks are available at the Access Center. If a guest is eligible to receive the combination to the accessible restrooms we ask that guests DO NOT SHARE THE COMBINATION OR ALLOW PEOPLE WITHOUT DISABILITIES TO USE THEM.


A TDD/TTY machine will be available at the Florida Infield Care Center. American Sign Language Interpreters will be interpreting scheduled acts throughout the event.  The schedule will be posted at the Access Center.  Requests are accepted for specific acts on a first-come basis.  Please send requests to no later than April 18, 2018.

Assisted Listening Devices will be available at the Access Center.  A valid ID is required as a deposit to check out amplifiers and headsets.


Braille and Large-print programming information will be available at the Access Center. An Audio version of the program information is available at the Access Center.


Service Dogs not pets will be allowed on the concert grounds.  Pets are allowed in the camping areas.
Persons with disabilities and their service dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for those persons with disabilities will be allowed.
BY LAW-Service Animals are working animals, not pets.  Dogs whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA and will not be allowed onto the festival grounds.
Handlers are responsible to clean up after their service dogs.


Those who have special dietary needs may bring small amounts of food, for personal use only, into the venue.  Please direct all questions to


If you need further assistance other than what is listed please send questions to